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Why Review Monitoring is important

In 2020, you can’t afford to ignore your online reviews. With so many online review sites, having a single login to access all of your online reviews would prove to be quite useful. Protect My Reviews has eliminated the guesswork in having to track all your online review sites. We cover an extensive range of review sites and have programmed our dashboard in a way to provide real-time information for our clients. You’ll no longer needs to go from review site to review site and can now access all the review data through our online dashboard.

Filter Reviews by Star Rating

Within our dashboard, you'll be able to see your reviews based on (1) source, or (2) star rating. So if you wanted to see all your 1 star reviews on Google, or say all your 5 star reviews on Google - you easily can.

Reviews by Source

Our sophisticated bar charts will auto-calculate the reviews and show you were you get the most reviews online. Our system was designed to where you won't need to go outside of our dashboard to see where your online reviews are.

Review Locator

Our review locator will calculate the quanitity of reviews you have and categorize them by source. Within our dashboard, a circular graph will form showing you the source of your online reviews and organize them by color.

Review Monitoring

Effectively monitor and manage all of your online reviews through our online dashboard.

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Advanced Filtering

Do you want to see only the 1-star reviews on Yelp? How about only the 4-5 star reviews? Maybe you want to see the 1-2 star reviews, for say Google only? Yes, you can do that here.

Average Star Rating

Whether you have 10 reviews, or 1,000+ - Our system will calculate all your online reviews (from all sources), and show you your average star rating (and update it daily).

Calculate by Source

Our dashboard will calculate all your online reviews by source. It'll show you how many reviews you have on Google, Yelp, Facebook - or any other source where you might have online reviews.


If you have reviews on say 8 different review sites, it would be nice to know when you generate new reviews without searching each of those sites daily. Yes, our system can do that as well.

Reviews by Rating

Maybe out of the 500 reviews you have online, 62% of these are 5-star reviews? Maybe 22% are 1-star reviews? Whiel all the others are in between. See all your reviews by rating in our dashboard.

Total Online Reviews

Our system will calculate the total number of review from all online review sites and return that number to our dashboard daily. This way you can monitor growth from within our dashboard.

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