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Full-Service Review Management

Let's face it; business owners are too busy to manage their online reviews. Even worse, outsourcing this task to an employee that has little to no experience in online reviews can make your online reputation even worse. Our company offers a full-service review management solution, which is managed by an experienced account manager that specializes in customer relations. Long story short, our company would take care of everything review related for your company with the goal of getting you back to a healthy star rating and once there, maintain that status.

Here's a summary of what we offer in our full-service plan

  • Review Monitoring on 50+ review sites.
  • Our review monitoring service will crawl all online review sites. Meaning, you won’t need to frequent all the review sites all the time. When you login to our dashboard, our system crawls all these review sites for you and self-updates every 24 hours. You can monitor all online review profiles, from within our dashboard.

  • Review funnel customized to your company name.
  • Our review funnel will put the odds back in your favor. How our review funnel works is quite simple; if a customer wants to leave positive feedback, our system will direct them to one of your review pages. If the customer wants to leave negative feedback, a popup would be presented, giving the customer an area to vent. When submitted, that negative review will only go to your email and will not be made public on one of your review sites. This will allow you to fix the problem offline.

  • E-mail updates, dedicated customer service manager.
  • All clients will be assigned a dedicated account manager. Should you run into any questions, you’ll have a primary contact. Our company will often send you updates via email or within our dashboard.

  • Dashboard & Analytics.
  • Our dashboard is not only attractive, but very unique and extremely useful. The dashboard will give all clients insight into their online reviews. You can find out where all your reviews are located; you can read your online reviews, and categorize them by review source or star rating even. You can also find out the progress of your average rating over months or years. You can see a few screen shots of our dashboard by clicking here.

  • Collect Reviews by E-mail.
  • If your business is setup in a way to where you deal with leads, our ‘collect reviews by email’ option may be best. Moving companies, plumbers, services like these often use our email service to collect reviews.

  • Collect Reviews by Text Message.
  • If your business is setup in a way to where you have to interact with customers every day, our ‘collect reviews by text message’ option may be best. This method will allow you to send a text message to your customers asking them to rate their experience. Healthcare providers, delivery services tend to use this feature the most.

  • Review Calculator.
  • Have you ever wanted to know how many more reviews you might need to go up in your rating? Our review calculator will take the guesswork out of that. Insert your current review distribution, select your desired rating, and hit calculate. It’s that easy.

  • We delete negative reviews (dispute, appeal, admins, etc).
  • Our company knows how to remove negative reviews. We’ll dispute all your negative reviews a unique way to ensure we get as many removed as possible. Whatever is rejected, we’ll continuously appeal those denied negative reviews over and over again until we hopefully have it removed.

  • We mediate solutions with reviewers.
  • In the event we cannot remove a review, we’ll reach out to reviewers and try and mediate a solution for removal. We have a few different ways we do this, and in many cases, it does work.

  • We respond to reviews.
  • Whether the review is positive or negative, we'll provide a public response to all your reviews. This will show potential customers that you're involved with your customers and that your company cares.

  • We'll work on your filtered reviews.
  • We can’t disclose how, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve to hopefully get some of your positive filtered reviewers, out an back onto your page. If some of these reviews get back on to your page, it could be quite helpful.

  • Secret tips / tricks to boost star rating.
  • We also have a few other tricks we’ll implement to try and get your star rating up.
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