Frequently Asked Questions

We do provide a significant discount for our annual paying customers. Most of our customers do stay with us for years, if you'd be interested in an annual discount, please contact us.

Aside from the annual discount, we sometimes give discounts depending on the amount of work required for each specific client. For example, "Company A" might have a total of only 40 reviews whereas "Company B" might have 800+. In situations where "Company A" might have less reviews than "Company B", we can adjust our pricing.

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There's many different variables that separate us from our competitors.

  • We offer a full-service review management solution. Meaning we not only provide the dashboard, but we we'll dispute/delete, respond, mediate, and work with your reviewers - the administrators of the review sites and do whatever is necessary to have negative reviews removed. We also provide a service that allows you to reach out to your customers. We take this to a whole different level for our clients.

  • Our review monitoring dashboard is far more attractive and up-to-date when compared to many of our other competitors.

  • We don't just provide a review monitoring and full service type package, but we even provide SMS/email tools that allow you to reach out to your customers asking them to leave a review.

  • We have a real office, we have phone numbers, we can easily be reached.

We've cofigured our dashboard to auto-update very 24 hours, at 12:01AM PST time.

You can call us at 1-800-355-1593. We can also be reached by emailing us at If you're in the Southern California area, we do allow scheduled sit-down appointments.

In sunny Palm Springs, California - USA.

Think like a customer... If you're happy with a product or service, very rarely would you go out of your way to leave a review. But if something bad happened that made you really angry, you would absolutely go out of your way to share your negative experience with the world. That's why so many reviews are mostly negative for small business. There's a flip side to this coin though. More than 70% of consumers will leave a review if asked. We put the odds back in your favor by providing you with the necessary tools to boost your online review counts.

No. Whether it's the basic review monitoring platform, or the full service review management service that has us disputing/responding/reaching out to customers - no one will ever know you're using our company. We feel it's more professional that way, it looks like you have your own in-house review management team.

Keeping an eye on your online reviews is vital. The problem is, sometimes small business owners can have 5, 10 or more review sites. Keeping tabs on all these on a daily basis can be quite time consuming. We've taken the hard work out of this by programming a review monitoring dashboard to all our clients. If you're a customer, you can login here.