How it Works

The priority of our company is to get all our clients back to a healthy star rating. Since so many potential buyers like to first read online reviews before making a purchase decision, having a positive online rating average will install potential buyer trust resulting in more calls and more sales. Unlike other companies that provide basic review monitoring tools and maybe a SMS service to reach out to customers, we take this one step further. We try and increase the positive review count while simultaneously working to remove and prevent negative reviews from moving forward. We also provide our clients with the tools necessary to maintain that rating, and for a select few, actually manage the review profiles to get us back to that healthy average.

  • Increase the positive reviews

    We do this in many different ways. From our online review funnel, our SMS/email reach out service, review dashboard, or trade secrets on working reviews that might be stuck in the filter – we implement all of these methods to try and get more positive reviews on your page. Our company offers a SMS/email service that allows you to reach out to your customers and ask them to “rate their experience”. Many surveys exist and state that 70% of customers will leave a review if asked, so using our dashboard to ask your customers to leave a review will work. We also have a review funnel and dashboard that’ll give you both insight and ensures that most of the intended reviews being left on your pages will be mostly positive. We also work reviews that might be stuck in the filter, along with a few other methods to get your positive review count up.

  • Decrease the negative reviews

    We’ve always felt that the removal of negative reviews is more important than generating more positives. Here’s some simple math; (5+5+1 is 11. 11 divided by 3 is 3.66 = still not a 4-star rating). So this said if you generated three new reviews in one week and two were great, but one was not, you’re still in a deficit of our goal (4-5 stars). Removing your online reviews should be considered the top priority, above generating more positives. These negative reviews must be removed by any means necessary, as they tend to hold down the average star rating. We do this by disputing, appealing (declined removals), negotiating, TOS violations, and many other methods.

  • Provide you with expert knowledge & service to maintain the rating

    As we work to increase your positive reviews and remove/prevent as many negative reviews as possible, we simultaneously provide you with a review monitoring dashboard. This will track all your online reviews, from all online sources, and give you insight into the key problems that might be harming your business. At the same time, our company will do weekly audits of your review profiles and provide you with the tools necessary to reach out to your customers to maintain the rating.

Regardless of your current star rating, our company can offer a full-service review management solution for your growing business. We can work to increase your positive review count, work to prevent and remove any negative reviews while providing you with the necessary tools to monitor, reach out, and maintain a positive star rating. We treat every one of our clients as if that business being managed was our own. We don’t stop until we get all our clients back to a positive star rating.

Remember, a positive star rating will result in potential customer trust, resulting in more calls and more sales. With so many potential buyers reading online reviews before making a purchase decision, it’s imperative to your annual sales that your company looks it's absolute best.