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Who benefits the most from our services?

Business Owners
Obviously, business owners typically benefit the most out of these services. Also, companies that rely on repeat customers and local reviews (hotels, spas, dentists, restaurants, things like that). Having the absolute best rating online, is vital to the success of your company. More than 85% of consumers will look you up before they call, come in or make an appointment. If you have a bad rating with review sites, rest assured those searching will go to your competitors instead. We can't express enough how important it is to have a good rating online. If you want more business, more sales and to look great online - you need reputation management.

Executives, Doctors, Lawyers and other individuals are quite often victims of bad publicity. Bad reviews, bad news - all these things can affect you or your business. We know all about it and we can help. Having bad reviews about your practice or firm could literally destroy your sales, calls and business.

The more success you find in the entertainment business, the more complex you'll find it to control your image. Bad news, bad press, make a mistake - it's all over the media. So many different things can hurt your image in a very negative way. When your name is searched and you don't want negative content to show - this type of service would fix that.

Just an everyday person
You don't need to be a business owner, own a professional practice or be a celebrity to benefit from our services. Do you know that more than 90% of employers will type in your name when applying for a job? If you search your name in sites like Google and see bad results, reputation management would work to fix things like that. Whether its a previous crime, bad photo, bad news, bad press - whatever the situation is, let us show you what can be done in order to help.

Whether your trying to run a business or trying to apply for a new career - you CANNOT have negative content and reviews in search results. This will seriously harm your ability to get new clients, customers, patients (or land that new job). When it comes to your reputation online, it's vital that you look your very best.

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It's simple... Better reviews, means more business.

About What We Do:

  • ProtectMyReviews helps companies with online reviews and reputation. Bad reviews, will literally kill sales, calls and people coming in your door. More than 85% of consumers read reviews before they even THINK about coming in or making that call. Let us create a plan that will fix your negative reviews.
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BURY NEGATIVE REVIEWS - We'll work extremely hard to bury and DELETE many of your existing negative reviews. This way potential customers won't see such damaging statements about your company. More than 85% of consumers will not call, come in, or buy from you if these negative reviews are visible online. It's very important that you attempt to bury and delete any negative reviews your company might have. This could literally cost you 5, 6, 7 figures or more annually depending on your volume of customers.. [read more]

INCREASE POSITIVE REVIEWS - It's very important that you have a rating between 4 and 5 stars. We'll get you there by responding, disputing, deleting, boosting your reviews and by providing your company with our proprietary Review Filter. Our company has many different methods to get your star count up, which will build potential customer trust. Let PMR take care of everything review related for your company.[read more]

RELAX AND PROFIT - Once our company has disputed and deleted as many negative reviews as possible, your average star count will naturally go up. At the same time, our company will be boosting your positive reviews by using a few different methods. Also, you'll be using our custom Review Filter which has been proven many times over to filter both positive and negative reviews. ... All you have to do is relax and watch your sales go up. It's simple, let us take care of everything review related. A higher star count results in more potential customer trust, which will result in more sales.[read more]