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Why you need us:

It's simple... We're the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your company and here's why.. You could spend ($X) amount of dollars on advertising, but guess what? More than 85% of online consumers read review sites before calling, coming in or making that appointment. Why even advertise if you have one, two or even three star reviews? These consumers that at one point had interest in your product or services, don't bother calling or coming in and run to your competitors due to your bad reviews. This means, a huge percentage of your online advertising is simply being wasted. Having an outstanding reputation and star count is vital to your company's success. Without positive reviews and positive content online, your marketing efforts are pointless.

How can we get you back to 4.0 / 5.0 stars you ask?

    Let us delete your negative reviews:
    Let us bury (and in some cases) delete your negative reviews! When people have an interest in your product or service, the first thing 85 percent of these consumers do is look you up online. If you have horrifying reviews or negative content online - that will scare big spending customers away. When it comes to reviews , if you're siting anywhere between 0 and 3.5 stars, you could easily be losing 5, 6, 7 figures or more annually in lost sales depending on your product, service and volume. We'll work hard to bury the negative content and reviews your company might have and in many cases, have them deleted.

    Review Filter:
    Our review filter (see demo) is our proprietary and proven software solution aimed at increasing your 5 star reviews. First, we'll set you up with a custom copy of our review filter. This will be placed on your website ( or we'll setup a domain outside of your website if you'd prefer (, this way no one would ever know that you were using our company to manage your reviews. We'll then send you custom made review cards (examples) that you can hand to your customers, or make them available to your customers at important areas within your business (check in/our desks, when customers pay, etc). You can also include the review filter link on all your outgoing emails too! The skys the limit on how you can implement this.

    When the Review Filter is properly used, your customers will have an option to leave a positive or a negative review. Given they had a positive experience, they will be redirected to review sites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook and so on. Given they had a negative experience, they will be redirected to a form that when submitted will go directly to your email (this way it doesn't go public). But keep in mind, although we may have saved that negative review from going public - we recommended that you follow up with that negative complaint and maybe offer them a discount off their next visit, a replacement, etc. Also keep in mind, most negative reviewers don't complain twice. So by using our review filter, you will prevent many of your future negative complaints from going public.

    Boost your reviews:
    We also have a few other tips and tricks we'll implement that will increase your average star count! While the negative reviews starts to fall off one by one, you'll have more positive intended traffic through our review filter and with a few of our secret methods = in no time, you'll be at that 4.0 / 5.0 star level. This would then result in potential customer trust resulting in more sales.

    Remember - Positive customer service is always number one in any business. Our company can take care of absolutely everything review related so that you and your staff can focus on whats most important, your business. Let us manage, respond, delete, boost and filter your reviews! We can help your business thrive. Inquire today to learn more.

Why a positive reputation is vital to your business

92% Act when they see positive reviews
83% Say they trust all search results
79% Say they trust all social results
A 1 star boost increases sales 11% monthly


88% Don't act if they see bad reviews
97% Won't return over unresolved issues
83% Won't act if no recent reviews
77% Research before they buy
It's simple... Better reviews, means more business.

About What We Do:

  • ProtectMyReviews helps companies with online reviews and reputation. Bad reviews, will literally kill sales, calls and people coming in your door. More than 85% of consumers read reviews before they even THINK about coming in or making that call. Let us create a plan that will fix your negative reviews.
    Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level!

BURY NEGATIVE REVIEWS - We'll work extremely hard to bury and DELETE many of your existing negative reviews. This way potential customers won't see such damaging statements about your company. More than 85% of consumers will not call, come in, or buy from you if these negative reviews are visible online. It's very important that you attempt to bury and delete any negative reviews your company might have. This could literally cost you 5, 6, 7 figures or more annually depending on your volume of customers.. [read more]

INCREASE POSITIVE REVIEWS - It's very important that you have a rating between 4 and 5 stars. We'll get you there by responding, disputing, deleting, boosting your reviews and by providing your company with our proprietary Review Filter. Our company has many different methods to get your star count up, which will build potential customer trust. Let PMR take care of everything review related for your company.[read more]

RELAX AND PROFIT - Once our company has disputed and deleted as many negative reviews as possible, your average star count will naturally go up. At the same time, our company will be boosting your positive reviews by using a few different methods. Also, you'll be using our custom Review Filter which has been proven many times over to filter both positive and negative reviews. ... All you have to do is relax and watch your sales go up. It's simple, let us take care of everything review related. A higher star count results in more potential customer trust, which will result in more sales.[read more]