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How Reputation Management Works

One of the most important parts of owning a business is your online reputation. With everyone glued to a cell phone these days, the first thing people do is type in "hotel in CITY", "dentist in CITY", "Restaurant in CITY" (you get our point). When they do this, Google will often bring back results usually from sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google Places and so on... If you have a 1-3 star review, or even a 4 star review but a few bad apples left you a few bad reviews - kiss your marketing efforts goodbye. More than 85% of consumers will NOT call or come in if you have a 1-3 star review, this has been proven many times over.

Reputation Management (sometimes referred to as ORM) is the practice of attempting to shape public perception of your company into something really great. A few bad reviews however, could literally destroy your business. Having the absolute best reviews & ratings online with no negative content saying otherwise is extremely vital to the success of your company. Here's how online reputation management works:


  1. Bury & DELETE the Negative Reviews
  2. Build Up Your Positive Reviews


Bury & Delete the Negative Reviews:
If your company has bad reviews, we'll fix the problem. This is often done by suppressing the negative reviews or having them deleted. Remember, More than 85% of consumers read reviews before making a decision, so having bad reviews will most likely scare away your big spenders. We use several methods to bury and/or delete the negative reviews that are costing you serious money.

Build Up Your Positive Reviews:
As for your reviews of the past - we have methods of boosting and increasing your star count. So we'll fix your past review problems.

As for your reviews moving forward - we'll implement our review filter to protect your reviews moving forward.

[demo] - While we bury and/or delete your negative reviews, it's important that we repair and build up your positive reviews (getting your star count back to 4-5 stars). We do this by having your company utilize our review funnel. It's proprietary software made by ProtectMyReviews to help increase your reviews online. This funnel, will allow your (clients/customers/patients) to visit a unique link. This is often done by printing the link on review cards, including the link in your emails, printing it on your receipts, etc. When these people visit this link, they will be given two options (a good, or bad experience). Given that person had a good experience, he or she would be directed to review sites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook and so on. Given that person had a bad experience, they will be sent to an form that when submitted -- will be sent to you or your staff. It's then advised that you contact that person to make things right by any means necessary before they attempt to leave that negative review on a public review site. But keep in mind, more then 80% of consumers will not leave a 'second review'. So the plan here, is that our negative complaint form hopefully captured that review before it went public on sites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook and so on.



Why do I need Online Reputation Management?

Let's take for example the following:

Would you go to a restaurant, visit a dentist, or stay at a hotel that had reviews like this? Probably not... "More than 85% of consumers feel the same way and will NOT call, come in or visit if you have reviews like this. helps local companies and individuals earn higher star ratings and reviews online. This in turn, results in more clients, customers and overal... more money.

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It's simple... Better reviews, means more business.

About What We Do:

  • ProtectMyReviews helps companies with online reviews and reputation. Bad reviews, will literally kill sales, calls and people coming in your door. More than 85% of consumers read reviews before they even THINK about coming in or making that call. Let us create a plan that will fix your negative reviews.
    Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level!

BURY NEGATIVE REVIEWS - We'll work extremely hard to bury and DELETE many of your existing negative reviews. This way potential customers won't see such damaging statements about your company. More than 85% of consumers will not call, come in, or buy from you if these negative reviews are visible online. It's very important that you attempt to bury and delete any negative reviews your company might have. This could literally cost you 5, 6, 7 figures or more annually depending on your volume of customers.. [read more]

INCREASE POSITIVE REVIEWS - It's very important that you have a rating between 4 and 5 stars. We'll get you there by responding, disputing, deleting, boosting your reviews and by providing your company with our proprietary Review Filter. Our company has many different methods to get your star count up, which will build potential customer trust. Let PMR take care of everything review related for your company.[read more]

RELAX AND PROFIT - Once our company has disputed and deleted as many negative reviews as possible, your average star count will naturally go up. At the same time, our company will be boosting your positive reviews by using a few different methods. Also, you'll be using our custom Review Filter which has been proven many times over to filter both positive and negative reviews. ... All you have to do is relax and watch your sales go up. It's simple, let us take care of everything review related. A higher star count results in more potential customer trust, which will result in more sales.[read more]