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How do you increase the reviews of my company online?

We use a reputation management process that consists of too many factors to list. But one of the big things we do is send your customers to a 100% customized review funnel [see our demo]. You see under normal circumstances, your customers would find you through Google search by typing in (Doctors, Dentists, Restaurants, Spas, Plumbers or Hotels in YOUR CITY). After they stop by, they typically go back to that app and leave you a review - so you have absolutely no control over the reviews that are left. Our review funnel will filter your positive and negative reviews online, making your positive reviews visible to the public while hiding your negative complaints. The days of the Yellow Pages, Newspaper ads and so on are long gone. Having a 5-star review is imperative to the success of your business.

So here's a recap of what we do:

  1. We Bury/Delete Negative Content
    So what we do here is bury (and attempt to delete) any negative content about you or your company. If you have a bad blog post somewhere, bad reviews, things of that sort - we work hard at pushing back negative links in search results. This way when people search for "restaurants near me", or a "dentist near me" (or any phrase for that matter), that negative article or reviews about you or your company won't show up. This results in more customers, which obviously results in much more annual revenue.

    While we work on burying the bad reviews and articles about your company - we simultaneously promote the good about you. We create, rank and build high quality articles, ads and so on regarding your company and what it is you provide. We rank these quality articles high in search results so that people see this enticing content as opposed to negative content, reviews and so on. This will make them more compelled to come in, call and/or buy.

    Another trick up our sleeve... What we do is send all your customers to a customized landing page [see our demo]. We provide review cards for all our clients and it's recommended that you promote this custom link on your receipts, website, tables, reception desks, social media profiles and so on.

    It works like this... When your customers leave, they'll be able to leave you a review through this review funnel we've created. This review funnel will be 100% customized to your company name, logo, website. Given they said they had a bad experience, they'll be able to submit details about that negative experience to you and your staff. This will allow you to follow up, address the issue and fix it before it goes public (or we can depending on the plan you select). Given they had a positive experience, they'll be redirected to review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, Healthgrades, Tripadvisor and so on.


Is there a cancellation fee, termination fees or anything like that?

No. Our clients are all on a month to month subscription basis. There are no hidden cancellation fees of any kind.


How does this actually help my business though?

Self explanatory... Better reviews, more business = more money. We make you look better in search results... If you own a restaurant, a hotel, a medical practice of some sort - you MUST have good reviews. If you don't, your losing a serious amount of money! A smear campaign, negative review, unfair news can literally destroy your business.

  • Remember; 82% of consumers will NOT call or come in if they see bad reviews about your company.

So given you have a 2-3 star rating on say Yelp or other review type websites, those people won't even bother calling or coming in and will go to your competitors instead! That's just not acceptable. Just a few customers can justify the cost of our services, and rest assured we'll make you look great online. We aim to get all of our clients at around 4 stars or higher and we work hard monthly to ensure that rating stays that way.


How long does this take?

Online reputation management typically takes a minimum of 6 months given negative content exists, but its best to have this service ongoing to make sure the positive reviews and content thrive (we won't stop building it up even when you already look great). The review funnel will be activated within 24 hours of your signup, expect a week before your review cards arrive.


How much does your service cost?

The cost of our services is determined after the initial consultation with one of our reputation management experts. Each case, company and project are different so it's through this process that we typically disclose what it is we charge. You can get a general idea of our products on our page titled plans.


Can you tell me more about the review controller?

[see our demo] - Yes of course!

  1. We'll customize your Logo
    In our demo, the topleft image will be customized to your company name / design.

  2. We'll customize your review links
    In our demo, when you click on "Yes - I was satisfied with my visit" - you will be given the option to leave a review on say Yelp, Google, Facebook. If you're a medical professional and more geared towards say "Yelp, HealthReviews" and sites like that, we'll customize it for those review sites. The same rule applies if you're in the travel business, we'll show sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Kayak, etc".

  3. We'll customize a domain (or) use yours
    Having our review controller show up as "" would be unprofessional and obvious. This being said, we have one of two options.
    1. We can use your domain. With your permission, one of our expert coders will install the script on "". It will be customized to your website and no one will ever know you hired a third party reputation management company to help you with your reviews.
    2. We can use one of our generic domains or we'll get a domain similar to yours. We'll then upload and customize the script on this site.

  4. No one will ever know you hired a third party company.


A few plans say you create high quality content?

We create uplifting content.The kind of content that makes you look amazing. The content we create is uplifting, positive news about your company / product / services. It's always professional, positive and enticing to the public. Obviously, when we create "good news", we need to write up stories, articles and so on regarding what it is you provide. Before any press release goes out, it will first be sent to you for approval. As for the general articles we create and promote, it's just positive uplifting stories about what it is you provide. We create and rank this positive content to push down the negative search results that originally brought you to our company.



What is reputation management?

Reputation Management is the process of monitoring, resolving, disputing, fixing, enhancing anything and everything about your business. To sum it up, we just make you look really good online so that you get more customers.

  • Do you have to many negative reviews online?
  • Did someone put out lies about your company?
  • Do you have 1-2-3-4 star rating, but want 5 stars?
  • Did someone setup a smear campaign about your company?
  • Did someone put out bad news about your company?

Things like this, is what reputation management firms like ours aim to fix so that your company can be successful.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (referred to as, SEO), is a method used to rank certain terms in popular search engines. This is often done to get you more customers, more leads, more clients and so on. For example; if someone wanted to be in the #1 position for the keyword "Restaurants in Los Angeles" or "Best Dentists Near Me", a company like ours would typically do what we do best and rank those specific keywords.

On the flip side, SEO could be used in a "negative way" to also decrease a ranking. So for example; if you typed in "Restaurants in Los Angeles", or "Dentists Near Me" and you saw a search result that had negative information about you or your company - you could use that tool to possibly have those results pushed back so that those searching for what it is you provide, won't see those results.


We want to hear from you! If you have any questions that might not have been addressed, please feel free to contact us.

It's simple... Better reviews, means more business.

About What We Do:

  • ProtectMyReviews helps companies with online reviews and reputation. Bad reviews, will literally kill sales, calls and people coming in your door. More than 85% of consumers read reviews before they even THINK about coming in or making that call. Let us create a plan that will fix your negative reviews.
    Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level!

BURY NEGATIVE REVIEWS - We'll work extremely hard to bury and DELETE many of your existing negative reviews. This way potential customers won't see such damaging statements about your company. More than 85% of consumers will not call, come in, or buy from you if these negative reviews are visible online. It's very important that you attempt to bury and delete any negative reviews your company might have. This could literally cost you 5, 6, 7 figures or more annually depending on your volume of customers.. [read more]

INCREASE POSITIVE REVIEWS - It's very important that you have a rating between 4 and 5 stars. We'll get you there by responding, disputing, deleting, boosting your reviews and by providing your company with our proprietary Review Filter. Our company has many different methods to get your star count up, which will build potential customer trust. Let PMR take care of everything review related for your company.[read more]

RELAX AND PROFIT - Once our company has disputed and deleted as many negative reviews as possible, your average star count will naturally go up. At the same time, our company will be boosting your positive reviews by using a few different methods. Also, you'll be using our custom Review Filter which has been proven many times over to filter both positive and negative reviews. ... All you have to do is relax and watch your sales go up. It's simple, let us take care of everything review related. A higher star count results in more potential customer trust, which will result in more sales.[read more]